Shark Wars

Save your friends. Rule the ocean.

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  • "If you have middle grade kids who are fascinated by the shark craze, you might want to introduce them to the first in the series of Shark Wars novels. [...] Think Star Wars meets Warriors and you’ll get the idea that there is enough action and fun here to interest the most reluctant reader."

    -The Morton Report

  • "A great fast paced, action packed series, perfect for reluctant young readers."

    - Geek Dad @

  • "This is one exiting, action packed, fast paced story that takes readers into a whole new underwater world."

    - Mundie Kids

  • "Confident readers will find this book action-packed and reminiscent of the Warriors series (but instead of cats, it's sharks). Mild bloody violence and shark fighting occur."

    - Story Snoops

  • "I LOVED THIS BOOK! It is well written, the description of the story made it come alive and the whole story was really good. The shark characters were great and I really want to read more about them. I give Shark Wars five out of five book worms!"

    - This Kid Reviews Books

  • "A sure draw for the Kung-Fu Panda crowd."

    - Kirkus Reviews

Book 6, The Last Empress, Available Now!

Gray is already bigger than all the other sharks in his clan, or shiver. He can't stop growing, and when his hunger gets him into trouble, he's banished from the reef. Luckily his best friend Barkley comes with him... but their hunt for food forces them to journey deep into the Big Blue.

Then Gray and Barkley accidentally swim into Goblin Shiver territory. They have no choice but to join the shiver. They'll help fight against the rival sharks of Razor Shiver in return for training, protection, and food. But who can Gray and Barkley trust when the ocean is full of slippery fish and one mistake means you're someone else's dinner?

Dive into a story of deep friendship, true blue courage, and how it feels to be big cartilaged in SHARK WARS!

Ever since Gray, Barkley, and their friends defeated Goblin, an infamous great white, at Tuna Run, life in the Big Blue has become murkier than ever for this young shiver of sharks. Food is scarce. Enemies lurk in every shadow. And Gray still doesn't know what has become of his family - of his mother, Sandy, and the rest of his Coral Reef shiver.

Everywhere they swim, currents seem to whisper of a growing threat . . . of a shark who will stop at nothing until he has seized control of the entire ocean.

Now Gray must train with Takiza Jaelynn Betta vam Delacrest Waveland ka Boom Boom, a wise and mysterious fighting fish who has promised to teach his young apprentice the ways of the ocean and the secret of what it means to be a great warrior. That is, if Gray can learn to believe in himself, find the courage to trust his heart, and grow big enough to fight back!

Gray, Barkley, and the alliance of Rogue, Coral, and AuzyAuzy Shivers have defeated the maniacal emperor Finnivus and his vicious Indi Shiver armada. But Finnivus is still plotting. This is the ruler who feasts on the heads of every shark he conquers, after all.

When Finnivus's gangs of soldier fish strike, Gray and his friends endure a loss bigger than any before. And this time there's no one left to tell Gray what to do. He's got to lead the rebels into battle for the ultimate fight of good against evil. The fate of the Big Blue rests with Gray!

Peace has finally come to the Big Blue and with it a revelation: Gray is not the last megalodon in the ocean after all. Gray swims deeper into the mystery of his family heritage, uncovering the myth of the megalodons and a legend that goes back to prehistoric times. But when the scheming mako Velenka breaks free from her underwater prison, the peace Gray and Barkley have fought so hard to win is threatened.

Gray thought he could trust Takiza, the wise yet mysterious betta fish who's been his guide and mentor in the often treacherous depths of the Big Blue. But the news that Takiza was responsible for the death of Gray's father has shaken Gray to his very core. Now Gray is questioning everything he thought he knew.The time to find answers is running short. The prehistores--prehistoric sea monsters long thought to be extinct--are breaking out of the underwater volcano range that has kept them hidden for millennia. Gray, Barkley, and their friends and shivermates must prepare for a war unlike any they've faced before!

As the first Shark Wars series arc draws to a close, hero Gray unexpectedly finds himself the ruler of the ocean. He's got to make wise decisions in a time of upheaval and isn't sure if he's up to the task! Dangerous prehistores are loose in the Big Blue, and Gray must defeat their evil leader, Grimkahn. But if he is to do that, he and Barkley must first outsmart the sneaky and dangerous frilled shark, Hokuu. . . .

Book 6, The Last Empress, Available Now!

Rule the ocean in the new Shark Wars iPhone game!

Alternate between the characters of Gray the reef shark and Barkley the dogfish to navigate through six action-packed levels! This FREE app allows players to immerse themselves in the underwater adventures of the rival clans who fight for survival in the Big Blue.

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Rogue Shiver

Rogue Shiver was formed by a chance meeting of unique sharks in the Big Blue. Though there are only six members—including our hero Gray and his best friend Barkley—their close friendships make them stronger than mere numbers. Rogue Shiver’s hideout is an old sunken ship!

rogue shiver The smart-alecky dogfish is Gray’s best friend in the Big Blue.  An expert at moving silently and without being seen, Barkley is often the one who goes on dangerous scouting missions. Banished from his own shiver, Gray found a home with Rogue’s castaways.  He’s the biggest and strongest of all the sharkkind in the group but never uses his size to bully anyone.  And Gray is in for a huge surprise when he learns what kind of shark he really is... Happy and fun-loving Snork is a sawfish.  He’s great at relieving tension in the group with his positive outlook and snorking laugh. Striiker is a great white shark who’s been in Rogue Shiver since the beginning! He’s sometimes brash, but Gray trusts Striiker with his life. Mari is another one of Gray’s oldest friends from Rogue Shiver. She’s a thresher shark, and always has smart words of advice. The quiet bull shark is second in the Line.  Shell doesn’t talk much, but when he does it’s usually worth listening.

Coral Shiver

Based around a coral reef in the Caribbi Sea, Coral Shiver is where both Gray and Barkley were born. The warm waters and peaceful tides make it a very nice place indeed.

coral shiver A massive bull shark and the leader of Coral Shiver. Atlas is slow to anger and rules Coral Shiver with an even fin. Banished from his own shiver, Gray found a home with Rogue’s castaways.  He’s the biggest and strongest of all the sharkkind in the group but never uses his size to bully anyone.  And Gray is in for a huge surprise when he learns what kind of shark he really is… Gray’s mom is a loving nurse shark and ranked third in the Line.  She is respected by everyone at the reef because of her wisdom and good nature. The smart-alecky dogfish is Gray’s best friend in the Big Blue.  An expert at moving silently and without being seen, Barkley is often the one who goes on dangerous scouting missions. Quickeyes got his name for recognizing danger in the Big Blue before anyone else.  The thresher shark has a keen wit, but only shows it to his closest friends. A blacktip with a mysterious past, Onyx is a great hunter and the best scout in the Coral Shiver Line.

Goblin Shiver

Formerly known as Riptide, it is one of the most ancient shivers in the Big Blue. It was renamed because of the vanity of its leader, the fierce Goblin.

goblin shiver Churn is a male oceanic whitetip.  He has known Goblin the longest and is a trusted member of the Goblin Shiver Line.  A mercurial great white, Goblin is a power hungry leader in a death struggle against Razor Shiver.  He is ruthless and will do anything to gain more power and territory. The blacker-than-night mako spins webs of intrigue like a sea spider.  She has big plans for herself and anyone who gets in her way should watch their tails. What this blue shark lacks in size she more than makes up for in ferocity. The tiger shark is always ready for a fight. The battle-scarred hammerhead is Goblin’s first in the Line.  Other than Goblin, Ripper is the best fighter in the entire shiver.

Razor Shiver

Goblin’s main rival, Razor Shiver is composed exclusively of bull sharks. They are tough and won’t give away an inch of their territory without a battle.

Razor Shiver

Auzy Shiver

This Australian shiver originated from the South Sific Ocean. AuzyAuzy is peaceful but also fierce in combat. It is led by Lochlan, a golden great white who is a born leader.

auzy shiver Zander Kendra Lochlan is a golden great white and one of Gray’s closest friends. After his father is killed by Finnivus, Lochlan becomes the leader of AuzyAuzy Shiver. Jaunt

Indi Shiver

Indi is a vast and powerful shiver with an armada to be feared. Under the rule of King Finnivus, Indi becomes an invading army that ruthlessly conquers all shivers it encounters. Indi Shiver sharks tattoo themselves with sea urchin acid to mark their rank as soldiers or royalty.

indi shiver Tidal The ruler of Indi Shiver, Finnivus is a vicious tiger shark. He wants to be the emperor of the entire ocean, and will eat anything—or anyone—in his path! Squaline

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